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Happy New Year from runABC

We want to wish all of our readers all the very best for 2022

It's been another rough old year for running events across the country with a very difficult start to the year seeing many of our favourite races postponed or cancelled but the second half of 2021 saw many of our favourites return and, despite the bump in the road that we all hope Omicron proves to be, things are looking up as we move into 2022.

It's been particularly tough for race organisers and runners alike as postponements and deferrals played havoc with all of our running calendars. Despite this, runners have shown remarkable fortitude, kindness and understanding. We're a rare old breed and, as we reflect on 2021 and set goals for 2022, it's right that we all give ourseleves something of a pat on the back for getting through such a tough time.

runABC has been through its own challenges as we've tried our very best to keep you up to date with a constantly changing race calendar and a news cycle that, at some points, appeared to change hourly! We truly hope that we've done the best that we could for all of you.

We head into 2022 with renewed vigour for the forthcoming year and we sincerely hope that we can continue to help you achieve your running goals in 2022 and beyond. It's been a real pleasure serving you in 2021 and we'll continue to be at your service every day in 2022.

A huge thank you to our loyal readers and we wish you all the happiest of Happy New Years. Keep doing what you do best and let runABC aid you in your running journey.

Image: Pixabay

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