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Race Shape Challenge for women of the world

Girls Run the World (GRTW) have the perfect tonic for women caught in the grip of the Coronavirus lockdown. Their free to enter 30-day Race Shape Challenge throughout May culminates in a North versus South virtual 5K challenge, while raising funds for Refuge charity.

Race Shape Challenge is designed to help motivate women during the pandemic and beyond. With 30 days of workouts, including running sessions, strength and conditioning, yoga and a healthy eating plan, it's aimed at helping women shave time off their 5K-10K running pace and inches off their waistline.

The 30-day challenge starts on Friday (1 May). This completely free, online programme is designed to help keep women inspired and focused during COVID-19. With so many major events being cancelled, many women have been left feeling directionless. GRTW's virtual challenge will keep you motivated, regardless of level or ability, providing support and training advice while running alone.

On Saturday 30 May runners can choose to run a virtual 5K race and have their time credited to Team North or Team South, to see which region will be crowned the Queens of Speed!

Free to enter, GRTW are using the initiative to raise money for the charity Refuge. Participants and supporters can donate via the JustGiving fundraising page. All purchases of the 'Queens of Speed' event T-shirts will also see 20% of all profits go to the charity.

GRTW offers a comprehensive range of courses that cover subjects like postnatal stability; strength for the marathon; rehab and return to running; holiday HIIT and the one that would work best in this writer's household: 14-day yoga for rigid runners!

Girls Run the World logoYou can catch up with the myriad activities of GRTW on Facebook or Twitter.

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