Big Giant Bleep Test Bracelets

Will You Beat The Bleep?

There's a new event set for Perth this spring...

If you are all about trying new things in 2023, why not take part in something that's not just new to you but new to everyone? The first ever Big Giant Bleep Testis set for 18 March in Perth and offers those taking part a completely different experience to a regular running event.

Taking place at Perth's Lower South Inch this event is a different take on the bleep test you might have done at school to test your fitness. Organisers wanted to create a fun event that would appeal to fun runners, fitness fanatics and people who love to sprint!

The Big Giant Bleep Test consists of a 1K (flat) loop. Participants start off in the Bleep Zone where a specially made clock will count them down. They then get 10 minutes to run this first kilometer loop before the bleep goes.......if you run it fast!

For the second loop runners will get 9 minutes to run before the bleep goes off again, then it's 8 minutes... and so on! Each lap will see runners get a minute less to complete the distance. If you're in the Bleep Zone when the clock sounds then you can do another lap. Miss the bleep and you're done!

The Big Giant Bleep test is something the whole family can do together, kids up to the age of 12 can do a maximum of three laps while 12 year olds can do a maximum of five. Those aged 13-15 can do a maximum of six laps and 16+ can do the same as adults - as many as they're able! Maybe they'll do more than you can?

The event will be raising money for Homestart, Perth and Kinross. Homestart is a local community network of trained volunteers and expert support. They are committed to promoting the welfare of families, offering parent to parent support to anyone who has children under five and is struggling with the pressures of modern parenting.

You can find out more at the Big Giant Bleep Test website.

Image: Big Giant Bleep Test Facebook

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