Chester Half Marathon 2017

Final Call For Chester

Hot on the heels of scooping the best (sub 5,000 runners) marathon award last week, race organisers Active Leisure Events will host their equally popular Chester Half Marathon this Sunday (29 April). Entries for what will be the 37th running of the event remain open until Wednesday – a short but appealing window for anyone who has put in the training but yet to make the final leap.

Over the past six years, the half marathon has grown in popularity, with organisers Active Leisure Events seeing the size of the field almost triple since taking over in 2012. This has coincided with positive feedback from runners – the event was named as one of the UK’s 50 Best Races – with Chester being recognised for the quality of a speedy and varied course that begins at Chester Racecourse.

In the lead up to Sunday’s event, joint organisers, Chris Hulse and Andy White told us of the meticulous preparations that are involved in planning a race. Chris spoke of how all of the race day information must be dissiminated to their 600 volunteers, who perform a multiplicity of tasks on the day from marshalling to drinks stations to handing out medals and t-shirts.

Keeping each and everyone as informed as possible is key to the race’s success, as Chris stressed: “It’s about attending to every little detail and making sure everyone knows what their role is. Communication is key.”

On Saturday the all-important HQ will be established at Chester Racecourse and the sponsors’ branding put up all around the venue and then the helpdesk opens. “It’s like a military operation,” says Andy, “but the only place we invade is 13.1 miles of tarmac – and a racecourse – and a city centre. Fabulous!”

Check out entry details for Chester Half Marathon at the Active Leisure Events website.

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