Doncaster Half Marathon Start

Half Marathon In The City

We look ahead to this weekend's Doncaster City Half Marathon...

All eyes will be on Doncaster this weekend, as the 'city' celebrates the return of a half marathon event, after a three year absence. And yes, we did say city!

This will in fact be the first staging of the Doncaster City Half Marathon, as Doncaster won city status as part of the celebrations for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee!

The Half Marathon will be visiting the fantastically supportive Rossington community once again and crossing the original start-line from 1982. There are some route changes this year, but organisers are keen to stress: "We're visiting more of our amazing Doncaster communities and we've created a route that has the potential to be one of the 'most supported' events ever!" Sounds like great news for runners and even better for spectators!

The race will finish on the world class Doncaster UCI cycle track which will make for a fantastic final kilometre for runners, and provide real excitement for spectators too. Organisers promise: "It took a lot of hard work from an amazing group of dedicated people to make this happen! The course will not disappoint those who are hoping for a fast yet challenging run and lots of cheering spectators on the route!"

A cap was sent on entries for this year's event - at just 1250, but in a positive step organisers have already opened entry for the 2023 event which will have capacity for a further 800 places. A spokesperson for event organiser, Curly's Athletes, said: "We set a cap this year but will have around 800 more spaces for 2023, as we expand the venue! We even have some exciting course tweaks already for 2023, just waiting for a bit of building work to get finished!"

To find out more about the event you can visit the event website here.

Image: Curly's Athletes

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