Virtual GRIM Hair Day Medal

Cut price entry for Virtual GRIM Hair Day

Take advantage of a trimmed down entry fee for GRIM Hair Days Virtual Run.

It’s Grim Up North Running (IGUN) invite people to celebrate 4 July by taking part in their humorous virtual run with a ‘bad hair day’ theme. Enter the Virtual GRIM Hair Day and receive a medal at a snip of the price. 

The organisers created this virtual event as a showcase for hair do’s that are overgrown, unkempt, showing their roots or in need of some TLC as a result of lockdown. Hair salons and barbers are set to re-open on 4 July as restrictions are significantly eased, leading to a surge in demand for haircuts but before that eventful day, IGUN want people to share their unruly coiffures on their Group Facebook page.

Over the last few weeks a collage of mad, bad or crazy hair do’s has emerged as runners complete their session then upload a selfie. A bespoke medal is sent to their home address.

Then Boris Johnson made his announcement about the end of lockdown that included a comment about needing a haircut. IGUN wanted to mark that momentous occasion and his statement with a call to enter their virtual event and at a reduced entry fee of £7. 

Runners choose their distance them more importantly, post a photo of their bad hair do on the Chat page. The three wackiest hair styles will receive a prize in the form of an IGUN hat.

There are a limited number of medals available and are collector’s items as Kate McIntyre reiterates saying: “They are a steal at this price so get one while you can and hang it with pride. It’s a reminder of what we have put ourselves and everyone around us through during the last three months.”

To enter the Virtual GRIM Hair Day, visit the It’s Grim Up North Running website.

Image courtesy: It's Grim Up North Running

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