Callum Hawkins in race action

The Calm After Storm Callum

The dust is starting to settle on THAT race. Most importantly there is a great sense of relief as Callum Hawkins gets ready to return to the UK after his Commonwealth Games disappointment.

The post-mortem on the effectiveness of the support for runners in the 2018 Commonwealth Games marathon will rumble on however slights against other runners in the race, most notably eventual winner Michael Shelley, seem ill judged.

Only time will tell on how yesterday's race and its hugely disappointing outcome will affect Callum Hawkins however there seems enough positives from his performance to suggest the story of Callum Hawkins marathon runner has many more chapters to be written.

The response to the marathon has been largely considered - check the comments on yesterday's news report from runABC Scotland on our Facebook page.

It was natural that in the concern for the well-being of Callum Hawkins that Robbie Simpson's performance would take a back seat although Chris Upson, a veteran of 1,000 races commented: "A sad and concerning end to Callum's race, but a fantastic result for Robbie."

Media coverage of Simpson pre-race was sparse, partly because he went about his preparation under the radar - no press features, no podcasts, limited comment on social media but also because the focus was inevitably on other runners. However his measured and determined race – he moved up from 12th at 30km to a podium place – deserves great credit. Robbie Simpson now has his own marathon story to write.

Returning to Callum Hawkins, respected Scottish coach Tommy Boyle posted a perceptive message following the race: "Athletes who dare to win tread a very fine line and in pushing the boundaries take massive calculated risks to become the very best they can be. Callum is a true gladiator who ventured where mere mortals fear to go. He will need time to recover physically and mentally but let's hope this great Scot's gladiator goes forward to reach his true destiny."

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