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Yorkshire Marathon Festival

Be a Champion in Yorkshire

Be part of one of the north’s largest and most scenic marathon events...

If you're keen to test yourself over the marathon distance in 2024 then the countdown starts now for this year's Yorkshire Marathon with 16 weeks making for the ideal training time until race day on 20 October. A sporting celebration year on year, the marathon encapsulates the unbeatable spirit of Yorkshire; whether it be community spirit, warmth, pride and inclusivity!

Challenge yourself and unleash your inner champion, the Yorkshire Marathon welcomes all levels of ability and is a huge celebration from start to finish - everyone is treated like a champion.

Set in the heart of the city of York, the course takes runners past many city gems including York Minister, Clifford’s Tower and the City Walls. You can soak up glorious views and scenic rural villages with friendly Yorkshire locals spurring you onto the finish line.

It is commented on each year that the amazing crowd support and music combined creates a fantastic atmosphere for all those taking part and racing through the city of York and surrounding Yorkshire countryside.

Remember that a marathon takes determination, dedication and digging deep. It really is an extremely personal experience. And who will be the champion? The bruised feet, the heavily beating heart, or you, the person who was able to overcome something hard to achieve something so amazing?

If you'd like to know more, visit the Yorkshire Marathon website.

Image: Run For All

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