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Spring In Paris & Rome

Missed out on London? Don't worry, we have some perfect alternatives for you here...

​​Are you in? As we reported yesterday, the 2025 London Marathon ballot had a world-record-breaking 840,318 entrants vying for a place at the iconic event. So, with far less places available than that, it goes without saying that there are plenty of runners who won't be taking to the Capital's streets on 27 April next year.

If the 'computer said no' for you then fear not... London may not be on the cards this time, but there are other options for those seeking a marathon challenge in the spring and they are equally as 'special'. We're talking Paris and Rome no less!

The Rome Marathon takes place a little earlier than the London date, with runners congregating in the Eternal City on 16 March 2025. This is an event that will see its participants literally running through time, soaking in all Rome has to offer along the way.

Starting from Fori Imperiali, passing in front of the Vittoriano, runners will see the chariot-racing stadium the Circo Massimo, before enjoying the breeze of Lungotevere alley that runs along the river Tiber. Adding to the thrill of the course, runners will also pass the impressive Castel Sant’Angelo, viale della Conciliazione and St. Peter’s Basilica before finishing.

If France is more your thing Paris Marathon will take place on 13 April in 2025. One of the world's largest marathons drawing participants from all corners of the globe, this iconic race offers an unforgettable experience for everyone and a generous 5:40 cut off time means that around a third of all runners are first-time marathoners.

The fabulous Avenue des Champs-Élysées is the start location, right in front of the Arc de Triomphe and the course passes practically every major sightseeing highlight, including Chateau de Vincennes, Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Louvre and, of course, the Eiffel Tower.

For more information on either of these amazing events, head to the Marathon Tours & Travel website.

Image: Marathon Tours & Travel

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