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Wolves Half Marathon ready to roll in September

Preparations in place for Wolverhampton Half Marathon on 6 September

The 2020 Wolverhampton Half Marathon & 10K is on for 6 September and organisers StuWeb Race Timing are going to the nth degree in creating a safe event for runners. Whilst the format is different from normal or ‘pre-covid’ times, it still allows people to test themselves over their chosen distance and receive a medal for their efforts.

The organisers entered into discussions with the Safety Advisory Group, public health and other relevant bodies about the feasibility of holding this event subject to official guidelines. After hearing that London Marathon had made the decision to cancel, they contacted Wolverhampton Council to check it was still ok to proceed. The answer was in the affirmative.  

A Q&A session was held on Facebook (9 August) to clarify the situation and explain how the event will work on the day. 

The event has been moved to Aldersley Stadium to reduce contact with the public and minimise exposure to the virus. Entries are limited to 500 runners who will be arranged in groups of 30 for the Half Marathon, 10K and 5K, using a time trial system involving a rolling start and mat to mat timing. There are two to three ‘no overtaking’ zones on the course where runners complete laps, supported by marshals wearing standard protection, e.g. face mask. Those marshals who interact with runners will wear PPE, for example visor. 

StuWeb Race Timing understands this is different from previous expectations; however, it is an opportunity to race and with others. A spokesperson said: “It will be a very different event from what you are used to but still full of running goodness and medals.”

Entries have reopened for Wolverhampton Half Marathon & 10K. Visit the website for details.

Image courtesy: Miguel A Amutio on Unsplash

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