Wirral AC young athletes enjoying success at a Mob Match

On track for success with the Wirral Endurance Programme

Strong foundation acting as a springboard for the next generation of star performers

Young athletes from the Wirral Endurance Programme are enjoying a run of successes in track and field, cross country and BMC (British Milers Club) races thanks to its adaptable and non-hierarchical coaching system. In particular, their female athletes have shone at county, national and international levels.  

In 2016, Wirral AC coaching co-ordinator Ronan Kearney and his wife Sarah who is also a coach created the Wirral Endurance Programme to attract more volunteers and athletes with a team-based approach to training and racing. They began with two coaches and 12 athletes which has increased over four years to 16 coaches and assistant coaches, many of them women, and 100 athletes. And they are set to expand due to the growing demand for places at the club. 

There is an inclusive ethos: youngsters of all abilities and backgrounds are welcome to join the programme and  they can expect support and encouragement every step of the way. Participants are placed in groups of 5 to 6 athletes who are at the same level and they receive personalised coaching to help them reach their goals.

A two-way process expects athletes to achieve their weekly mileage targets and attend on a regular basis and to show ‘stickability’. 

The Wirral Endurance Programme is athlete-centred where participants are given the opportunity to progress whether their aim is to be a good club runner or compete at the Commonwealth Games or the Olympics. 

All the coaches are committed to helping athletes reach their potential or as Ronan Kearney says: “We bring anyone in and can make them excellent.”  

Any parents, athletes, coaches or clubs wanting an insight into the programme can email Ronan Kearney at:

Image courtesy of Ronan Kearney

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