Get Windswept along for a trail run this summer

For those of us to who like to finish (or start?) our summer runs off with a beer, running-tour company RunSpeyside is offering a winning combination.

They’ve organised a social run on the Moray Coast (Sunday 20 July) in conjunction with the local brewery, Windswept.

Nigel Tiddy, one of Windswept’s founders and directors, will join runners and their guides for a 10-mile trail run around the woods and beaches of Lossiemouth. After the run Tiddy will give the group a ‘Directors’ Cut’ tour of the brewery followed by a tasting in the on-site Tap Room.

As with all of RunSpeyside’s tours, the run will be done at a sociable pace, which will allow everyone time to take in the sights and features passed along the way.

As RunSpeyside’s leaders Jenny and Dave explain, their tours are not just about getting the miles in: “Our shared knowledge of the hills and trails of Speyside lead to a desire to spread our secrets, and show other people the sights, sounds, tastes and smells of our stomping grounds.”

Throughout the run, Jenny and Dave will also be happy to provide trail running hints and tips for those looking to develop their skills. Questions for Tiddy and his colleagues about their beers are also more than welcome.

RunSpeyside promises that this event will be ‘a morning of good running and good beer’, which as Windswept themselves say, is ‘best when you have earned it’.

The run starts at 10.30am from the Windswept Brewery Tap Room in Lossiemouth.

Bookings can now be made online, and drivers’ packs are available on request.

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