Highlander Last One Standing

Will You Be The Last One Standing?

Head to Perthshire for an epic backyard ultra...

Like the film Highlander, its namesake event is something of an epic and this year's The Highlander Backyard Ultra will be no different! Scheduled for 22-23 July in the stunning Blair Castle Estate in Perthshire, organisers are all set for a fantastic weekend of ultra race action.

Runners in this event have one hour to complete the first 4.167 mile loop and they must be at the start line ready to go on the hour, every hour. Any runner not finished inside the time limit and at the start ready to go again will be disqualified, this will happen every hour until there is only one runner at the start line. This runner will be the last one standing and they must then complete a solo loop inside the time limit to be crowned the winner.

Organisers comment: "There are no specific entry requirements for running this race. It’s a test of endurance. Drop out or keep going when you can! Either way you’ll be called a Rocket. This race is not about being the fastest! Remember, at the start of each loop/race all surviving runners are on an equal standing. Though the course is not flat, it can easily be completed inside the one hour time limit."

If there is more than one competitor still standing at 48hr, then organisers will extend the time limit to suit. All runners except for the winner will be an official DNF (did not finish) and will get a medal to prove it, any competitor still in the race at 24hrs, 100.8 miles, will receive a Rocket Events 100 mile medal.

The Highlander, Last One Standing is a Silver Ticket Event where the overall winner/last one standing will gain entry to the UK Team for the World Backyard Championship in October 2023. The event also features a one loop, 4.167 mile trail race for those looking for something a little 'gentler'.

You can find out more at the Highlander Last One Standing website.

Image: Rocket Events Facebook

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