2021 Snickerthon Race Medal

Nuts about the Snickerthon

Runners ready to get their teeth into this multi-lap event.

Saturday 26 June at Chasewater Country Park sees the return of the Snickerthon, a sweet sounding race from How Hard Can It Be Events & CODRC. A choice of distances, attractive location and a snickers bar for every finisher along with their themed medal makes this a race worth waiting for.

Those of us of a ‘certain age’ will remember when the snickers bar was known as a marathon bar until 1990 when Mars decided to rebrand the UK version to be consistent with the rest of the world. But for anyone nostalgic for the marathon, the iconic 26.2 mile distance is one of four races at this Saturday’s event and there will be more than a few keen to chomp their way through the laps and miles.

Wave starts will be used as per the current guidelines as runners follow a flat course on a mixture of hard packed trails, paths and footpaths around the reservoir at Chasewater Country Park. With any luck they will spot the wild deer roaming around this setting as they complete 5K, 10K, Half Marathon or a Marathon as a series of laps and maybe doubly lucky if the weather is fine and dry. 

A well stocked aid station will sustain body and soul and the snacks on offer ideal for participants with a sweet tooth who can further indulge when they receive their Snickers bar at the end. This popular chocolate bar has been immortalised in gold for the medal which every runner will receive upon completing their distance. 

Mouths will be watering ahead of next Saturday. 

Image courtesy of How Hard Can It Be Events & CODRC.

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