PARAS'10 runners in mud

Run Like A Para

Train hard and go commando this September...

If ever there was a time to think about running to support the families of our brave soldiers, then 
perhaps it’s now and there couldn’t be a more apt event to do so than the original PARAS’10 race. Now firmly established as one of the UK’s must do endurance challenges, 2021 will see the return of live racing on 4 September. 

Located at Catterick Garrison in North Yorkshire, the PARAS’10 is a gruelling 10 mile endurance race based on the 10 miler from The Parachute Regiment’s P Company test week. 

There are two main races: the PARAS’10 TAB (complete the course in boots and carrying a 35lb pack), or the PARAS’10 Run (same course without bergen and boots). There is also a 2-mile fun run for children aged 8–15 years and a Canicross category if you would like to complete the course with your dog!

A spokesperson for the event had this to say: "We have exceptional soldiers carrying out exceptional work in Afghanistan. Exceptional veterans who were there before them and exceptional families who await their safe return. We support them all. If you can sponsor your Run/Tab for Support our Paras, then you can support them too.”

Previous participant Kim Louise Booty said of the experience: “Totally overwhelmed and in awe of this race, I made the PARAS’10 my first ever race at age 45, the whole atmosphere is incredible the Red Devils landing in prior to the race was spectacular - kids loved it.”

You can find out more at the event website

Image: PARAS'10


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