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486 beat the sunset in St Albans

Summer Solstice 10K is a race against time, nature, and space!

The St Albans Summer Solstice 10K is a fun, welcoming event for runners of all abilities to feel the thrill of running during the evening on the longest day of the year. The concept is simple enough – start at 8:00pm on Tuesday 21 June and better 9 min/km pace to finish before the sun sets!

This year there were 486 finishers inside 90 minutes who achieved that target – almost the entire field of 490 runners – to enjoy the experience of relaxing in Highfield Park with a beautiful summer sunset to enjoy, perhaps while musing the philosophical argument of whether the sunset is part of nature, part of space, or both simultaneously...? Any chance of a refill on my Merlot, Sue??

The chances are the leaders were too busy thinking about their form and pace for their minds to wander into such depths. The course is a fast, linear route along the disused branch rail line, now the Alban Way cycle path, to Ellenbrook and back.

The top three men to return to Race HQ in Highfield Park were M40 Mark Innocenti (Tring, 33:06), Matt Cooper (St Albans Striders, 33:43) and James French (Dacorum, 34:04). 

The women's race was won by Neringa Cobb (unattached, 41:16) from Lily Seach (St Albans Striders, 42:22) and Katie Royals (Chiltern Harriers, 42:45).

The results were age-graded and there was a 'sprint finish' for the top adjusted performances between the men's winner Innocenti (82.64%) and the 82.29% grading awarded to W55 Celia Findlay (Dacorum, 45:59).     

With entry fees of just £13/£15 and St Albans Striders' well-deserved reputation for expertise and friendly marshals (pictured above), this is a popular, fully UKA licensed race. 

The only sadness is the event marks the turning of the clock in that this was the longest day of the year and it's all downhill to winter from here!

Visit runABC South's comprehensive race listing for full results.

Race details are at the St Albans Striders website here

Image courtesy St Albans Striders on Facebook

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