Andy Douglas, Robbie Simpson & Charlotte Morgan in Mountain Running Top 10

The World Mountain Running Association has announced that Scots Andy Douglas, Robbie Simpson and Charlotte Morgan have earned top-ten places in their new world rankings.

To rank the runners, the WMRA, the global governing body of the sport, analysed the results of dozens of different hill running events over the last 12 months.

Points were awarded to the nearly 700 athletes they monitored based on the type or level of the event they took part in – national, World Cup, European, and so on – as well as the athlete’s finishing position.

The points were then added up to determine which mountain runners were currently the most successful.

When all the data was crunched, Andy Douglas ranked fourth on the men’s Mountain Running World Ranking list, with Commonwealth Bronze Medallist Robbie Simpson not too far behind him in sixth.

Both Scots ranked ahead of mountain running legend, Killian Journet, who placed seventh.

Charlotte Morgan, who won the WMRA Long Distance Mountain Champs and was named Masters Athlete of the Year at the scottishathletics FPSG Awards earlier this year, earned eighth place on the women’s list.

The results are a sign of good things happening in Scottish mountain running. Only one other British athlete, Victoria Wilkinson, made either top 10. The English runner placed fifth in the women’s ranking.

Although still in a trial phase, the experience of analysing performance in this way has 'been proving extremely positive and interesting' according to the WMRA.

In particular, the governing body drew attention to the importance of runners competing regularly to maximise their standings. Each top ten 'confirms that the best mountain running athletes are those who compare themselves with others several times during the season, taking part in the most important events to identify and create a sense of belonging to this sport that can be easily recognisable by the fans'.

Image: Simpson, Douglas and Morgan from scottishathletics

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