Dunvegan Castle

Take To The Skye In 2023

Race Dunvegan is back for 2023 and there's something for everyone at this scenic, island event...

After a break of almost three years, Race Dunvegan will make a majestic return on 25 March next year and race organisers, Skye Events, will be providing runners (and their families) with a variety of options to be a part of the special day - from 10K to 2K Fun Run. Not to mention a yoga and meditation event! 

If you like your events to provide you with jaw-dropping scenery then this is one for you! Dunvegan Castle is a breathtaking location with an unrivalled backdrop of sky, mountains and sea. At the heart of the 41,000-acre MacLeod Estate on the north end of the Isle of Skye, the estate is home to several Special Areas of Conservation and Sites of Special Scientific Interest stretching from Loch Dunvegan in the north to the Black Cuillin mountains in the south. The perfect setting for racing then, but also ideal for a peaceful hour of yoga.

Back to the running though, the 10K race will provide runners an opportunity to run on different surfaces over an undulating course. Organisers have said: "We are fortunate to have access to this amazing location, whilst still closed to the public before the season starts. This mixed terrain event starts in the magnificent grounds of Dunvegan Castle taking runners through the beautiful woodlands of the estate."

The Dunvegan Castle 5K has a fun, unchallenging course that is suitable for all abilities and will be enjoyed by anyone who thrives in a fun, supportive and welcoming race while the Dunvegan Castle Fun Run is an exclusive opportunity for runners of all ages to enjoy a 2-mile course through woodlands.

A spokesperson from Skye Events takes us back to the yoga: "For the first time we are introducing the Dunvegan Castle Yoga & Meditation Hour. In the noise of the busy world, we can become disconnected from our bodies, each other and from nature. We forget to be present, notice our breath, listen to the birds, watch the changing skies, feel alive, happy, fulfilled and connected. This hour will strip away the noise and bring calm and reflection." 

It should be noted that this (the yoga) is a stand-alone event and takes place whilst the 10K and 5K are in progress so it is not possible to do both the run and the yoga hour, but perhaps you are the runner and your partner is the yogi? 

If you'd like to know more, visit the event website here.

Image: Dunvegan Castle Estate

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