Paula with a group of kids at the Family event launch

Paula’s Families on Track set for debut

Marathon world record holder Paula Radcliffe has created a new running concept that encourages families to exercise together. ‘Paula’s Families on Track’ will give family groups the opportunity to work together to complete a set distance, in a secure setting and a format that allows everyone to contribute, no matter what their age or ability.

The world’s first ever Paula’s Families on Track event will be held in July at the 2019 Durham City Run Festival when mums, dads, children, grandparents and other family members will be set the challenge of completing 10k in a continuous relay in laps of either 1,000m, 500m or 250m, on a safe, enclosed course.

Marathon legend and mum of two Paula Radcliffe has developed the Families on Track concept and explains the background: “I have so many fond memories of trips up to race as a family. Sharing my passion for running with those I love the most is really important to me.

"That’s why I want to encourage everyone to get fit and active together, running as a family unit and enjoying the experience. My new concept embraces the importance of exercise, but in a fun ‘race’ format that includes everybody, no matter what age or ability.

Paula’s Families on Track will see each family completing their 10k target in any combination of laps (e.g. 6 x 1,000m, 5 x 500m and 6 x 250m = 10K). Each leg is completed by an individual who then hands over to another family member for the next leg. Families can run in any order and run legs of any distance, as long as they complete 10K.

A family group can be three, four or five people, of which at least one must be under 16 and at least one over 18, with every participant completing at least one lap. Changeovers will take place in the ‘family pit lane’ where each team will have its own area. When the 10K distance is reached, everyone in a family unit will run the ‘Glory Leg’, crossing the finishing line together to receive their medals, goody bags and T-shirts.

Details for Durham City Run Festival including Paula’s Families on Track can be found at the event website.

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