Train as an athletics official in 2020

scottishathletics has just announced a series of Glasgow-based training courses for new volunteer officials, to be held in the first quarter of 2020.

The sport’s governing body is always keen to hear from anyone who wants to become more involved in athletics, and training as an official is a perfect way to do so.

Officials play important roles in events held both indoors and out, including road running, cross country and hill running. Not only is serving as an official enjoyable and rewarding, the role is also essential to ensure that events of all shapes and sizes can go ahead safely and efficiently for both athletes and spectators.

As the competitive opportunities for Scotland’s athletes increases, so too does the demand for skilled officials to help them achieve their full potential at meets and events. That means that more officials are needed than ever.

Some of the training opportunities currently available at the Emirates Arena include:

  • Photo finish officials (Level 1): 25 January
  • Track officials (Level 1): 26 January
  • Endurance & Risk Awareness Officials (Level 1): 2 February
  • Timekeeping Officials (Level 1): 8 March

Level 1 officials receive compensation for their travel to championship events, and will have many opportunities to grow their skills and progress through the ranks.

More information can be found about training as an official on the scottishathletics website; queries can also be directed to Officials Recruitment & Development Officer Shona Malcolm.

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