West Lothian Cycle Circuit

Flat 'n' Fast In Linlithgow

A new 5K race is planned for West Lothian Cycle Circuit this autumn...

Stride Athletics is a new initiative, designed to promote athletes and athletics within Scotland. The organisation plans to launch some media content to give athletics a further platform in Scotland with the goal being to add to the promotion of the sport.

As part of the initiative, those involved hope to bring some new racing opportunities in Scotland, the first of which will be the Flat 'n' Fast 5K.

Scheduled for 22 September at 6.45pm, the first ever Flat n’ Fast event will take place at the new custom built 1K West Lothian Cycle Circuit based in Linlithgow, adjacent to Xcite Leisure Centre.

The event will consist of five laps around the newly paved circuit which organisers say is likely to be one of the fastest courses in Scotland! There will be three time graded races, with start-lists to be decided once entries have been collected. There will be prize money for the top three fastest males and females on the night (regardless of what race).

Speaking about the new initiative, a spokesperson said: "We're thrilled to introduce Stride Athletics, a platform dedicated to highlighting and promoting Scottish athletes in competitive running. Our goal is simple: to raise awareness and recognition for the incredible talent within Scotland's running community.

"Through engaging content, captivating stories, and inspiring profiles, we'll bring you closer to the journeys, triumphs, and untold stories of these remarkable athletes."

You can take a look at the West Lothian Cycle Circuit here and the link to enter the race is here.

Image: West Lothian Cycle Circuit

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