Hamsterley Forest By Moonlight

Moon Running

Take a run on the dark side at Green Miles Running's Moon Runner events...

Ever fancied running by the light of the moon… nothing else? No streetlights, traffic lights, illuminated buildings. Just you, other like-minded runners and the beauty of nature. Well you can at the Moon Runner series of events, organised by Greener Miles Running

The Moon Runner series of 10K head torch trail races, offers participants the opportunity to run in beautiful locations illuminated (weather permitting) by the moon and stars. The race routes are fully way marked with reflective markers and signs, marshalled along the whole course and in places have twinkling lights to help you find your way.

The events are suitable for trail running and head torch novices as there are no cut off times, but are also challenging enough for more experienced runners who want to give themselves a good test.

Organisers say: "The feeling of a head torch trail run in the woods is unique. The night-time adds a whole new dimension to trail running: it is both wild and peaceful at the same time.

"Your senses become razor sharp and you become aware of your heart beat pounding in your chest. You may hear the hoot or screech of an owl, or the rustling of woodland animals in the undergrowth. In the darkness of the woodland canopy the light from your head torch will be reflected back by the eyes of deer and other creatures peering out from the safety of the deep forest.

"Our Moon Runner head torch races take place in the winter months when a crisp ground frost is common. Beams of moonlight breaking through the trees can create a magical atmosphere while you run along the sparkling surface. You can experience a definite sense of isolation and remoteness, but with that come feelings of exhilaration as your feet react to changing terrain, and excitement as your senses adapt to the different sights and sounds in the darkness."

The series begins at Chopwell Woods near Gateshead this weekend, entries for this run have closed. If you can bear to wait a little longer then the next race will be staged at Hamsterley Forest on 6 November.

Find out more at the Greener Miles Running website.

Image: Greener Miles Running

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