Mizuno Wave Rider 24

Mizuno Wave Rider 24 is smooth & uncomplicated

runABC looks at Mizuno's latest version of their classic neutral shoe - the Wave Rider

Shock! horror! My 'go to' shoes had that 500+ miles feel, actually more like a 600+ deadness. I needed more pzazz from my trainer! Fortunately the answer arrived in the post –  a shiny pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 24 – and I was off in a flash!

OK, flash is stretching the point but there was certainly more life about the old dog in the upgraded footwear.

First impressions out of the box were favourable – I liked the sleek blue and silver colour way and the strong but unfussy look. Closer inspection showed that the upper appeared more substantial than previous models and that the tongue looked comfortable and well-integrated. The sole seemed pretty standard but the cushioning looked sleek with the promise of a comfortable run. One thing that did catch my eye was the Wave strip – what did that element have in store on the road?

As I ran along attempting to note the range of sensations in the new shoe, I struggled. It was simply a smooth uncomplicated experience. The Wave Rider's trademark responsiveness was there but there was comfort and a streamlined feel too.

MIzuno attribute that 'smooth uncomplicated experience' to some great new technology in the 24th version of their classic neutral shoe. They've redefined the Wave Rider with their latest technology - Mizuno Enerzy - which promises softer and bouncier cushioning while 'guaranteeing' smoother transitions.

My own experience of the new midsole was that it was softer than previous versions. Did it deliver on the 'rebound' promise? Up to a point. What it certainly provided was a stable ride that helped me to keep good form and direction and get into an efficient groove. That in turn let me bang out some steady miles.

Mizuno Enerzy works well with Mizuno's established Wave technology – the combination creating a smooth dynamic run. For neutral runners the Wave Rider continues to be a great choice, offering lively cushioning in a high performance shoe.
As well as the new Enerzy technology the 24 provides an enriched upper as part of the new overall construction. That upper is lightweight and breathable so very comfortable. There's also more flexibility in the forefoot, thanks to reconfigured flex grooves, a more plush heel collar and a roomier toebox.

One commentator suggests that the Wave Rider 24 might be tight for the broader foot however I'm in that category but found the shoe a great snug fit. I reckon the supple upper, the padded tongue and the lacing system offer enough flexibility for a range of foot types.

Overall opinion – a very solid, hard-working shoe. Sharp streamlined looks augur a smooth and comfortable, and responsive and direct, ride and that's what the Mizuno Wave Rider 24 delivers.

Check out Mizuno's full range of performance shoes on their website.

Image courtesy: Mizuno

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