Two female runners in Marcothon T-shirts

Marcothoners keep going for 2018 glory

Marcothon 2018 is on the tricky home straight. Hundreds of runners around the UK and, indeed around the world, have responded to the, now traditional, festive challenge to run (or jog) 3 miles (or for 25 minutes) every day for the 31 days of December.

As is the way with run streaks the longer Marcothon has continued, the more participants have succumbed to colds and sniffles, to unwilling calves and hamstrings and to the dozens of other things that catch you out including childcare, changed work commitments and dangerous weather. One lightweight Marcothoner had genuine concerns that she would be blown away!

However it looks as if a big percentage who started the Marcothon journey are still in there fighting and are getting set for the final obstacles of Christmas Day and the week up to New Year's Eve. One runner aiming to repeat his Marcothon success of 2016 is Ken Wood (pictured below). 86-year-old Ken didn't manage to complete Marcothon 2017 as icey conditions forced him off the road so he's keep his fingers crossed for this year.

There has been an amazing buzz about Marcothon this year with the suggestion that the challenge has passed a tipping point where it is no longer simply of interest to the hard-core running community and its original base in Scotland where the Marcothon concept originated. Marcothoners have been reporting progress in Australia, New Zealand, California and across the UK and a more diverse group have been using the 31-day test to help motivation and achieve fitness goals.

Participants have been running in Marcothon kit and marking off their progress on Marcothon wall charts while 2018 has seen the introduction of mini-Marcothon (a pared down challenge for younger runners) and a dedicated Strava group has kept interest at boiling point.

Marcothon Central is the 2,300 strong official Facebook page where members have posted photos, videos, memes and run details. Members have highlighted their reasons for running, have encouraged others when their motivation has slackened and generally maintained a very positive Marcothon vibe.

Check out the progress of the remaining 2018 Marcothoners on Facebook.

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