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Playing it cool at Winter Enigma

There was plenty to celebrate including a 150th marathon for one runner.

An international line up of runners went around again (and again!) for a half marathon and marathon at the Winter Enigma event (Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 January). Two days of laps and laughs at this sold out event.

The two day lap-stravaganza was organised by Enigma Running in what could best be described as 'changeable' conditions but everyone got the job done and there were more than a few happy runners at the finish. A fast and flat course along with lively support contributed to their success. 

It was held at Caldecott Lake, Milton Keynes – an attractive location for this event where participants ran 3.5 laps for a half marathon or 7.5 laps for a full marathon. Both involved running in a clockwise direction around the lake. 

Runners from across the UK and overseas started at 9am with a time limit of 7 hours for the marathon and 3 hours 30 minutes for the half marathon. Water was available after each lap. 

It was a case of ticking off the laps as they completed them whilst being applauded and encouraged every step of the way. No worries about straying off course or getting lost...

Day 1 Saturday saw Peter Marton and Adam Sadecki joint first in the marathon in 3:33:24. Liliana Soto was the first female in 4:10:45. There was a joint first in the 50K (31 miles) with Ben Miller and Paul Sutherland finishing in 5:56:39. 

On Day 2 Sunday, David Goodwin was the men’s marathon winner in 3:24:24; Sharon Messam was the winning female in 4:55:44. Michael Thorpe won the half marathon in 1:34:11; Helen McNary was the female winner in 1:58:27. 

View all the results via the runABC Midlands Race Listings page. 

Amongst the notable achievements was a 150th marathon for Brian Thurogood and Stephen Holmes joining the 1,000 miles club.

The next Enigma Runningevent is Quadzillaon 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th February.

Image by Mircea - See my collections from Pixabay

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