Donna Carr 100 parkrunner

It's poetry in motion for Maidstone's parkrunners

Donna Carr, who's never terse, shares parkrun love, by way of verse

Donna Carr, the ever-present and effervescent Event Director for Maidstone parkrun since April 2013, was inspired by Valentine's Day to express her love of all things parkrun...

Roses are Red and Violets are blue
It’s Valentine's Day and I really miss you!
It's been so long, its nearly a year
Since we were together and longer I fear!

We’re missing the river and the bouncing blue bridge
We’ve replaced it with cooking and stuff in the fridge!
We’re missing the timers and barcodes we’d scan
We’ve missed all the milestones and costumes we’d plan.

One day we will stand and be close in a huddle
With high 5’s and fist bumps and even a cuddle?
We’ll run past the castle and give out a shout
For someone’s first sighting of it, I’ve no doubt!

Until then don’t worry and don’t break your heart
We’ve still got (not)parkrun for us to take part
So be safe, be healthy and stay Covid-free!
And log a (not)parkrun, so we beat Witney!

One day we’ll be back and you all will be here
We’ll all be so happy, we’ll give a big cheer!
We’ll all be together, it’ll be so much fun
We’ll get on our trainers and together we’ll run

So 14th of February is Valentine's Day
I’m writing this poem, I just want to say
Wherever you’re running on road, path, or track
We miss you, we love you and can’t wait to be back!

Donna proudly informed runABC South that of the one million (not) parkruns completed since June 2020 her Maidstone crew have contributed nearly 11,500 to the total. 

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Image: courtesy 100 parkrunner Donna Carr

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