Female runner climbing a hill

Go up a level at this March hilly 5K series

Each course must be hillier than the last

It is all uphill from now on for runners who enter the Onwards & Upwards 5K series 2021. There are three routes to complete and the elevation increases after each run. With prizes for the speediest male and female, this makes the series perfect for anyone looking to go up in the world!

Organised by The Run Bible (TRB), this event is held throughout March and there is a choice of Solo or Virtual. Solo participants run on the following three courses which are near to Preston - Carus Canter 5km, Frenchwood Knoll 5km and the Clayton Brook 5km - on a day or days to suit them and as many times as they prefer. Virtual runners choose their own location. Both sets of runners are required to follow current guidelines regarding outdoor exercise and Covid-19.

All participants submit proof of their completed runs and finish times, for example, Strava link or a screenshot. 

Runners who opt for a single 5k receive a TRB buff as a reward. There is an engraved medal for those who opt for two 5ks and a medal plus a TRB bottle opener for people who enter all three 5k’. Alongside these are prizes for the fastest man, fastest woman, fastest non-binary and seven runners chosen at random. 

Spring is around the corner and the, hopefully, better weather will be ideal for those hilly routes. Enter one 5k, two 5ks or the entire series at The Run Bible website.  

Image courtesy of Alvaro Palacios (Unsplash)

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