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The Race Of Two Halves

Test yourself at Leicestershire's Equinox24 with the stunning Belvoir Castle as your backdrop...

Run through the autumn equinox at this 'exhilarating, testing and rewarding' 24 hour event as the very aptly named Equinox24 makes its return to Leicestershire's Belvoir Castle Estate over the weekend 16/17 September. Organisers bill their race as: "physically challenging and mentally tough but an amazing experience not to be missed."

The main event is a 24 hour run event around a mixed terrain 10K loop against the clock. The aim of the race is to complete as many laps as you can (or your team can) in 24 hours, there is no time limit on laps which makes the race accessible to all abilities – from solo runners who complete 21 laps to runners who complete one.

In addition to the 24 hour event are standalone day 10K and night 10K races where runners can experience one lap of the epic Equinox24 10K course. The course offers varied terrain with runners passing lakes, wooded areas and heading up and down hills and round open fields.

Organisers say: "Whether you’re running through the night with a head torch or whilst the sun rises, there’s always a change of scenery for you to admire. The course has a mix of on and off road sections (although almost always the option to run on grass if you prefer), with some areas of more challenging uneven ground with some up and downhill sections.

"Those taking part will be treated to countless breathtaking views on the course, from the castle up on the hill (which looks magnificent through the night when it is lit up), the mist rolling over the lower fields, the sun reflecting off the lakes, the surrounding villages – memories that will stick with you."

The final section takes runners around the camping field where they will enjoy the support of fellow runners and spectators cheering them on as they run by. Camping is available from Friday to Monday for competitors and spectators with toilets, hot showers, food and trade stalls.

If you'd like to know more, visit the Equinox24 website.

Image: Equinox24

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