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Running Through The Menopause with jogscotland

A campaign from joscotland hopes to encourage more women to continue running through the menopause...

jogscotland groups from Kelso to Kintore are embracing a campaign to support runners through menopause, with more and more groups signing up to become 'Menopause Friendly'!

The Menopause Friendly campaign aims to inform and educate both joggers and jog leaders on the signs and symptoms of menopause, support them through the challenges it can pose to staying active, and offer advice on how to overcome those challenges.

Groups can declare themselves Menopause Friendly, and use a specially-designed logo so it is clear they can support runners who may be going through this change in their life.

Jog Leaders at these groups will educate themselves on the symptoms of menopause and the challenges of running through it, make their groups supportive to joggers going through menopause and share information about running and menopause on their group’s social media to inform joggers and normalise it as a topic of conversation.

Some of the groups already signed up as Menopause Friendly include: Jogscotland Arran, Jogscotland Carnoustie, Jogscotland Kintore, Let’s Go Linlithgow and TGCR Kelso. You can find a full list on the jogscotland website.

A spokesperson at jogscotland said: "We want to change the script around menopause. We can’t alter the physical facts of it, but we can help those going through it. We want to create a world where jogscotland members going through menopause can feel strong, confident and proud of themselves, even when they’re facing difficult physical and mental challenges.

"We also want them to feel free to talk about their experiences without shame or embarrassment and remain informed and empowered, so that they can get the support they need from medical practitioners, friends and family."

The experience of menopause is different for everyone. For some it’s straightforward, but for others it can be physically and mentally overwhelming, and might make continuing to jog with a group feel very difficult. It can also be hard to talk about. It is hoped that this campaign will support joggers in staying active through menopause.

The pages available on the jogscotland website have been put together with the help of a small focus group of jog leaders with lived experience of running through menopause, their partners SAMH, and information from the NHS Inform pages on menopause.

If you'd like to know more then visit the jogscotland website to access this information.

Image: jogscotland

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