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Home run at the virtual Malvern Hills Trail Half

Runners are invited to do it their way at the virtual Malvern Hills Trail Half Marathon on Saturday 18 April. The goal is to complete 13.1 miles but with one caveat: it must start from their home in accordance with government guidelines.

The Malvern Hills Trail Half Marathon is an off-road race in a stunning location, organised by Dave Talbot Adventure Events. It is popular with runners, many of whom return every year due to the scenery, atmosphere and support. There is no cut-off time either that makes it accessible to all.

But the coronavirus outbreak meant a rethink with the result being a free virtual version of this race to be completed at home. The organiser states that this is not a replacement for the original which will be rescheduled to a later date. This virtual event is more for enjoyment whilst staying safe during this crisis.

It starts at 10am this Saturday (18 April) and whilst participants have a choice in terms of where they run, for example, around their garden, up and down their road or a route close to home, they must not travel to it. They begin the race from home and record their mileage using GPS or an App that is sent to the organiser.

If they are fortunate to live in a hilly, rural area then they can recreate running on the Malvern Hills but not exactly the case in a densely populated area. Social distancing is paramount: this event is designed to be fun but not if it puts others in danger so people mustn't take risks.

Enter via the Dave Talbot Adventure Events website. Note: a medal and soft running cup can be purchased for £20.

Image courtesy of Arek Adeoye on Unsplash

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