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London: The largest city in Europe and home to eight and a half million people, so nowhere safe to run, right? Wrong! England's capital boasts 40% green space; more than any other city its size in the world and practically every resident lives within a mile of open space. You just need the help of running experts like Gareth and Ray of 1M2go to find the very best venues.

100 Marathon Club member Gareth Davies and Ray Povinelli are the joint driving force behind a brand new event that showcases all that is great about running through parts of South East London, fully exploiting the benefits of the Green Chain Walk – 50 miles of footpaths that connect 300 open spaces from the Thames at Charlton to Nunhead Cemetery in Southwark.

Green Chain Challenge Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K is scheduled for Sunday 22 September at Mottingham Sports Ground, where 30 hectares has been available for sports for more than 75 years. The races will take place on selected sections of the Green Chain, providing a leafy and truly glorious trail run that demonstrates the surprising green spaces and patches of woodland that runners can enjoy in South London.

Surely any course in London with names en route such as Court Farm Road; Oak Farm Road; Quaggy River; Chinbrook Meadows; Hall Farm Allotments; Kings Meadow and Marvels Wood, all connected by the Green Chain itself, simply has to be explored?

Gareth and Ray have carefully selected the exact route – one lap for 10K, two for the half and four for the 26.2 miler – to allow runners to appreciate the greener side of the city. Their race promotion experience across London includes the popular Richmond Park, Vanguard Way and Woldingham marathons. With years of experience, 1M2go takes pride in delivering events in beautiful, safe and enjoyable locations, creating a superb atmosphere for everyone.

Race HQ, plus the start and finish, will be in the corner of Mottingham Sports Ground with a gazebo for bag drop near the changing rooms. The area in and around Mottingham Sports Ground is one of particular natural beauty and provides a fitting backdrop for the Challenge.

Follow this link to find out more and to enter the Green Chain Challenge.

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