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Running on the Fly – it's a thing!

Fly 5K grows into Fly Races on Sunday

It simply had to happen. Fly 5K is about to enter a new, one-off format, with the announcement of Fly Races on Sunday (14 March). The big news from the free, weekly, run anywhere organisation based in Hertfordshire is the launch of Fly Races to satisfy the demand for greater distances and more variety from the 2,500-plus members of this fast-growing running community.

Fly 5K was started by St Albans Striders' member Graham Smith on Saturday 6 June 2020 as a semi-competitive bit of fun to lift spirits during the summer months after the privations of the first lockdown. Nearly 100 runners, many from his home club, toed the virtual start line and 'running on the fly' became a thing. 

There have been 41 Fly 5K virtual runs since then and an occasional team competition has been added to spice things up. The next innovation is this weekend's potential run double as Fly 5K #42 on Saturday will be followed by the first-ever Fly Races on Sunday. Fly Races can be entered by anyone who has joined the Fly 5K Facebook group here

With venue-based races still uncertain, Fly 5K group members can 'race' any distance from 5K to 50K simply by completing the pre-race registration form to notify the race organisers. This is a perfect opportunity to test lockdown fitness at a distance that suits you, on a course of your choice, before the resumption of live events.

Fly 5K certainly has come a long way in nine months.

Visit the Fly 5K website here for more information

Image: Fly 5K courtesy Graham Smith

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