Exeter Half Marathon men's winners 2019

Exeter City FC scores with half marathon weekend

Exeter City Football Club run a range of events through their City Community Trust, including an innovative, two-race half marathon weekend that has just been held from Piazza Terracina, Haven Banks on Exeter Riverside.

There are plenty of weekend running festivals but the difference with this event is Saturday's race (on 9 February) was aimed at club and experienced runners, with all 300 participants expected to finish within 2 hours 20 minutes. On Sunday it was the turn of the social and less experienced runners with no time limit imposed – same course, same great support, just no need to bust a gut!

City Community Trust are experienced race organisers and while football is their beating heart a variety of health, well-being, education and physical activity programmes reach over 45,000 members of the Exeter community and beyond every year.

Activities run by City Community Trust include a weekly running group and workplace run sessions. The CCT also organise The Granite Way 10 and 20 mile race on Dartmoor on 24 March; Exeter Live Better Marathon on footpaths and cycle ways beside River Exe on 19 May and an annual 600 limit Santa Run in the city centre.

A wet and windy weekend in the West Country saw full houses for both Exeter Half Marathon races. Saturday's leading men were Robert Flack (1:13:35), Richard Edwards (1:14:23) and Henry Powell (1:14:41) while the speedy ladies at the front were Emma Kiernan (1:26:21), Clara Horswell (1:27:10) and Lutie Akinci (1:27:23). There were 297 finishers in 2:16:05.

Sunday's race was more wet than windy and the rather damp looking men's winners in our photo are #466 Paul Sawford (1:22:48), #736 Alex Macdonald (1:23:23) and Simon Tucker (1:24:10). Top three in the women's race were Jo Hudson (1:33:06), Kate Wright (1:34:01) and Sasha Mabbott (1:43:03). Two hours was beaten by 114 runners and 293 finished in 3:13:35.

Full results and details of future events are available at the City Community Trust website

Image courtesy City Community Trust on Twitter

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