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Eliminating single use plastic in sport goal of organiser survey

Survey looks beyond bottles to more sustainability

The Environment Agency has launched a timely survey aimed at helping race organisers eliminate single-use plastics from their events. The online questionnaire is part of the EA’s work for the Preventing Plastic Pollution project, an EU-funded collaboration between 18 different organisations from across France and England that seeks to understand and reduce the impact of plastic pollution in the environment.

The survey looks beyond water bottles and gel wrappers as examples of single-use plastics, and asks organisers to think about their event numbers, cable ties, banners and goodie bags too.     

The questionnaire – which takes no longer than 10 minutes to fill out – also gathers data on organisers’ use of single-use items made from other materials, like paper, aluminium or algae, as well as on their event sustainability policies.

In addition to collecting information, the short survey offers race directors the opportunity to receive free information and resources from the Environment Agency to help them enhance the sustainability of their events. The survey also offers those who respond the option to register their interest in attending a sustainability workshop aimed at event organisers. 

The ‘Eliminating Single Use Plastic in Sport’ survey is open to new responses until 5pm this Wednesday, 17 March.

All responses received will help guide the EA’s eliminating single-use plastic in sport activities within the Preventing Plastic Pollution project.

Image courtesy: Tanvi Sharma on Unsplash

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