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The Craft Of Trail Running

If you're planning some springtime trail runs, then some new shoes may be in order...

As the days get longer and the weather kinder(ish), runners often choose to leave the well-trodden paths of their local area behind and indulge in a spot of 'off-piste' running. That is to say, they hit the trails. And with a rural landscape that is both varied and stunning throughout the UK, there are plenty of opportunities to do so (wherever home is).

The only thing in question is whether or not you have the right footwear to make the leap from road running to trail running. If you want to take the trails for all they're worth and maximise your enjoyment then you really do need to have the right kit. And that means, above all things - a decent pair of trail shoes.

Swedish brand, Craft Sportswear, has recently released a new trail shoe to the market - the Pro Endurance, and we think it looks pretty cool. But what tricks does it have up its sleeve from a performance point of view? The tagline says it 'brings a new level of responsiveness to serious trail runners', which certainly sounds good.

Developed with Craft's team of pro runners and tested in some of the world’s most gruelling races, the Endurance Trail is made to keep going no matter what. Snug in heel and mid foot with excellent lock-in capability and additional room in forefoot for superior comfort and performance.

Featuring a ventilated upper, rugged outsole and Px Foam midsole for explosive energy return and maximum cushioning, it’s everything you need for miles and miles across any terrain. And nothing you don’t, like unnecessary weight.

Providing maximum energy over varying terrains, the shoe's mid-height lugged outsole ensures great grip on moderate trails environment and maintains capability on roads and light trails.

Boasting simplicity in design, this innovative running shoe delivers pure off-road performance. Now go chase the finish somewhere beyond the horizon!

If you'd like to know more, visit the Craft Sportswear website.

Image: Craft Sportswear

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