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My Christmas List

Time to start making those Christmas hints over what you want to see in your stockings this year (writes Chris Broadbent). And as a runner, its inevitable there will be family and friends who will be thinking over what running-related gift they can surprise you with. And, assuming they are non-runners, it’s inevitable they will get it wholly wrong.

I know, I’ve been there. I’ve smiled politely at well-intentioned relatives who have handed me a heart rate monitor I have never wanted. And what’s this…a pair of shorts with no zip pocket in the back…are you a complete moron?! Occasionally my inner dialogue is not as festive as it should be.

I like a simple approach to gift buying, my model is something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read. It modestly captures what can satisfy at Christmas. So, in the hope that people actually read this blog…I’m putting my wish list out there..

WANT: Not typically my brand and I haven’t been quite as well behaved to deserve it this year, but what runner wouldn’t wish to slip on a pair of Nike’s ZoomX Vaporfly, the shoes that propelled Eliud Kipchoge to a sub-two hour marathon, this Christmas morning? None of us will ever be able to truly get into the shoes of the Kenyan marathon God, but this is the closest any of us will get.

NEED: Buy cheap, buy twice. I have got through a few head torches over the years. This year, I fancy trying a Silva Trail Runner to illuminate evening winter runs.

WEAR: I used to think they looked silly, but with my vanity receding in parallel with my youth, I am a full convert to compression socks. I only have one set and I need more to get through a few runs per week.

READ: The best running book I have ever read is Murataki’s What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, the best running book I have never read is Richard Asquith’s Feet In The Clouds, an ode to fell running.

Be kind Santa, please!

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