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Big Bear heads for Ampthill

Caterpillar Challenge multi-terrain, multi-distance event launched

Big Bear is roaming into new ground with a first-ever visit to the well-wooded Ampthill Park in Bedfordshire for their Caterpillar Challenge on Thursday 8th September 2022. Experienced ultramarathon organisers, Big Bear Events, will bring their tried and tested multi-distance format to the new venue and a superb course has been planned.

To get an idea of the terrain and views to expect at Ampthill Park you can join this YouTube run around the proposed course:

Big Bear Events are always held in scenic locations and take their race name from fauna of one sort or another. Caterpillar Challenge involves a mass start at 9:00am for a potential 6-hour plus foray around the park on 3.3-mile loops – as many as you can manage or wish to run within the time limit.

This means you can choose to run one lap of just over 5K and pick up your medal, flapjack, drink and head for home. On the other hand, you could start your 15th lap just before 3:00pm and go on to bag a 50K ultra – or any distance in between. 

Whatever you choose – and you can decide mid-race – the entry fee is fixed at £30 until 8th August 2022 and rises by £5 thereafter. So it pays to enter at least a month in advance. You can shave a further 10% off these very reasonable fees by joining the Big Bear Brigade. This is an exclusive loyalty scheme for members only with a wide range of benefits.

Big Bear Events, based in Warwickshire, tend to seek out those hidden gem locations that inspire runners to produce their best and go the extra mile. Around 20 venues used range from Rosliston Forestry Centre in Derbyshire to Ampthill Park in Bedfordshire and the Big Bear team is always on the hunt for exciting new locations.

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