Family-friendly ‘Beast’ to be unleashed in Fife

Race organisers Zone Events have launched a third ‘Beast’ on Scotland, an equally fearsome companion to their other successful events at Banchory and Loch Ness. Loch Ore in Fife will be the venue for the ‘beastly’ new event, to be held over the weekend of 30/31 May 2020.

On the Saturday, the main event – an ‘epic obstacle course race’ – will feature 30 mega obstacles, giant water slides, icy loch water, thick mud and swamp crossings – all over 15k of tough Scottish terrain. Those keen to test their stamina can do so as an individual or part of a team.

The second day of the event will see runners head off on a shorter 6k course twice: one race for runners aged 16 and over, and another for runners aged 13–15. Blasting around the banks of Loch Ore, the Sunday route includes 15 ‘insane’ obstacles.

Parents of teens who think they can give their youngsters a run for their money can choose to challenge them in the second wave, provided they buy their own ticket. The second day of the new Loch Ore Beast Race will also see the launch of a three-race ‘Wildchild Challenge’ for kids.

Those just a bit too young to take on the shorter course (aged 10–12) will be able to ‘release the Beast’ on a thrilling 3k route packed with fun obstacles and challenges. Parents are welcome to accompany their children on the 3k – if they can keep up!

Children aged 7–9 will be able to enjoy ‘2k of obstacle heaven’, with plenty of extra challenges. The littlest Beasts (aged 4–6) will have their own 1k course full of ‘pint-sized’ obstacles and ‘heaps of excitement’. Parents are required to accompany children on both the 1k and 2k courses.

Early bird pricing is in effect for all Beast races until 19 January 2020.

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