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New charity to help 'transform lives’ through running and athletics

Improving access, increasing youth participation and supporting performance among the aims of Athletics Trust Scotland

scottishathletics have launched a new charity to help safeguard the strength and vitality of running and athletics for years to come. Athletics Trust Scotland has been in the planning since 2019 and will offer an avenue for those who wish to make an impact on the sport they love, by supporting it through fundraising, donation or legacy.
Ian Beattie, who will stand down as Chair of scottishathletics in September after nine years in the role, will lead the panel of Athletics Trust Scotland trustees. Other members of the Board of Trustees are Eilidh Doyle, Scotland's most decorated track and field athlete, and Paralympian Joanna Butterfield. Adding further expertise are Mark Munro, former CEO of scottishathletics, and entrepreneur Paddy Burns of 4J Studios.

Beattie said: "We've felt for some time that we need to look for other opportunities to generate funding for athletics in Scotland and we've discussed at board level a number of opportunities, and the idea of forming a charity came up and has had a bit of traction, over that last year.

"The idea was that we would set something up where people across all areas who have an interest in the different aspects of the sport, can give money to athletics if they want. In time, they will see their money being used to develop the sport across a wide range of areas. Hopefully this can be an important part of the income generation for athletics in Scotland going forward.'

An independent organisation, Athletics Trust Scotland has close ties with scottishathletics, but is a charity registered in Scotland with its own Board and Chair. It will make decisions on the Trust's direction and activities, in line with the national strategy for athletics in Scotland, 'Building a Culture for Success’.

With the funds it raises, Athletics Trust Scotland aims to make a significant impact in:

* Removing barriers to participation

* Supporting young people to get involved and remain active in the sport

* Supporting education using physical activity as the driver

* Changing lives in disengaged and disadvantaged communities through physical and mental health work

* Promoting equality and diversity in sport

* Creating the conditions for success in participation and sporting excellence.

In assocation with scottishathletics, the Trust is also launching the ‘Athletics for Life’ campaign to secure significant investment into a wide range of projects to help people and communities across Scotland to change lives for the better. 

To start, 'Athletics for Life' will focus on three main areas: transforming lives through athletics and running; targeting medals; and strengthening communities through running and athletics.

Further information about Athletics Trust Scotland is available on its website.

Image courtesy: Athletics Trust Scotland

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