Great Scottish Run

10 Days Till Glasgow's Big Day

There's still time to be a part of this year's Great Scottish Run, we tell you why you should...

There are (gulp) just 10 days to go until this year's staging of the Great Scottish Run. Glasgow's iconic event, beloved by many and 'feared' by some (including your correspondent, who will be toeing the line in the half) may be just days away, but there is still time to join the fun.

And if you feel like maybe you are just not ready to take on the challenge, let me remind you that it is very much the taking part that counts... not the time, or the position, or the number of times you need to stop for breath! At least that's what I keep telling myself at the moment!

Anyway, back to the reasons you should 'go for it'! Glasgow has long been a sporting powerhouse and this year’s AJ Bell Great Scottish Run promises to be a celebration of the city’s recognition as European Capital of Sport.

Starting and finishing in the heart of Glasgow, those taking part can expect inspiring sights, iconic landmarks and incredible local support all along the 10K and half marathon routes. I wouldn't be doing this race if it weren't for the knowledge that Glaswegian support is the best of the best. Well, I would say that as I am a proud Glaswegian. But it is true. Year on year, people comment about just how well supported they feel around the course. And I'll make sure my 6-year-old uses his lungs to maximum effect all day, he'll love the excuse to do so!

But it’s not just the inspiring scenery that attracts runners from far and wide: the start line DJ, rocking on-course music zones and post-race celebrations create an unbeatable atmosphere. Glasgow comes alive on race day and delivers an event experience like no other! Remember also, that you actually get to cross the Kingston Bridge by foot, that really is a unique race day experience, and one that all previous participants I've spoken to speak excitedly about.

The last thing to hold onto is the pure joy you will feel as you cross the finish line, I can't wait to experience that for myself and for my two boys to see me earn my medal. I might be 'red of face' and shattered to my very core, but they will see that I did something to be proud of. And that is all I can ask for.

If you'd like to sign up to this year's Great Scottish Run then visit the event website.

Image: Great Scottish Run

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