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It Takes Two To Paarlauf!

Darlington gets set to host a marathon relay with a difference...

Running buddies assemble. If you and your mate are looking for a challenge with a difference in the New Year then we may well have the answer - Darlington's Marathon Paarlauf (23 January).

The brainchild of Trevor McDermot, this unique race will see teams of two completing 13 x 1 mile loops in a relay style event before completing the final 0.2 mile together as a victory lap in the town's South Park.

Paarlauf means 'pair run', but is really just a relay which can be done with two people. The relay comprises of one of the team running whilst the other rests before they take their turn again… and again… and again!

In this particular event the first of the pair will run one mile, then hand over to their partner, and so on until the full marathon distance is completed. All the teams in the competition will race against each other over 26 x 1 miles, with every runner completing 13 legs.

As the 26th mile is completed, the incoming runner will be joined by their team mate for a final ‘mini-lap’. The distance of this smaller lap is exactly half of 385 yards (or 352m) and both members of the team cover this together, ensuring correct completion of distance for all and a final moment of unity and camaraderie.

If you've got a running buddy who has a similar pace to yourself, then why not give this somewhat different take on a half marathon a go?

For more information visit the event website.

Image: Pixabay

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