Ultra 5K competitors

Welcome to Ultra 5K, a new way of running everyone's favourite distance

Interval training is nothing new and 5K has become the most popular and accessible distance for anyone to run so we guess it was only a matter of time before someone put the two together. So welcome to the launch of the ultimate interval session: Ultra 5K!

Ultra 5K takes place for the third time on Sunday 14 July, 2019 in scenic Box End Park, Kempston, Bedfordshire and you can book your team or individual place now at Speedy Worm discount prices. This unique race format introduces an element of strategy into your running as pace judgement is paramount.

There are four options on race day: Ultra 5K Individual 5; Ultra 5K Individual 3; Ultra 5K five person relay and Ultra 5K three person relay. The concept is that every hour on the hour from 9:00am there is a 5k 'race' with a mass start. Teams and individuals then run repeat 5k legs until they have finished (either at 15k or 25k).

The toughest challenge is obviously the Ultra 5K Individual 5 (25k) where your rest period depends on your speed: run 20 minutes for 5k and get 40 minutes break; run 40 minutes for 5k and get 20 minutes rest!

Interval training was first popularised by Czechoslovakian distance runner Emil Zatopek, who will surely forever remain the only man to win 5000m, 10,000m and marathon gold medals in the same Olympics (Helsinki 1952). But even the famous 'Czech locomotive' would probably have baulked at running five flat out 5K stints in five hours!

This year's Ultra 5K Individual 5 winners and the 5x5K record holders are M40 veteran Jim Cooper (Harrow, 1:32:41), who averaged 3:42 per km and Katie Tucker (Redway Runners, 1:56:00) for 4:38/km, who also won the inaugural event in 2017 (1:58:01).

So time to unleash your inner Zatopek and engage on board computer to see if you can pace yourself to Ultra:5K success. Alternatively, get together with a few friends and have a blast!

Speedy Worm prices from £30 are only available until 30 October at the Ultra 5K website

Image courtesy Ultra 5K

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