Trees For Tees Project

Make a tree-mendous effort for the environment

This year, participants in Always Aim High Events will be asked to plant a tree rather than receive their complimentary t-shirt. They will challenge climate change as well as themselves and help protect the world’s forests.

Sustainability is a major issue and an increasing number of organisers are playing their part, taking steps to reduce their environmental impact whilst still delivering enjoyable events for all. Always Aim High Events are playing their part with a series of eco-friendly initiatives such as refillable water barrels at aid stations, solar powered offices and reusable branding and signage.

Now in 2020, this strategy has expanded to include going carbon neutral and beyond, trialling reusable cups at all their events and giving people the option of having a tree planted instead of the finishers t-shirt as part of their entry fee.

Always Aim High Events are working in partnership with charity Size of Wales in their Trees for Tees initiative. All anyone has to do is to tick the box when they enter one of their races and a tree will be planted in any of their projects in countries such as Borneo. Doing so reduces poverty whilst safeguarding these forests for people and wildlife that rely upon them for their existence.

Tree for Tees is part of Always Aim High Events commitment to sustainability as director Tim Lloyd confirms, saying: “We are passionate about looking after our environment and this initiative is another great way to offer our participants the means to make a difference.”

This view is echoed by Director of Size of Wales, Elspeth Jones who says: “The donations from participants will go towards making our environment better for future generations to come.”

Image courtesy of Always Aim High Events

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