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Run To The Dogs

Make plans to run with your best friend in 2024...

Running with your dog is something that brings great joy to many, it is a fantastic way to build the bond between you and your dog whilst keeping you both fit and healthy. If you're looking for some events to take part in with your four-legged friend then Traildog has some great options for those in the North East.

A spokesperson from Traildog told us: "We created Traildog in order to offer canicross events in the North East that are professionally organised but with a welcoming and friendly atmosphere."

Looking ahead to 21 January and there is the Traildog Kielder Waterside which has both 10K and Half Marathon distances on offer. The 10K takes in some of the beautiful Lakeside Way, circling Bull Crag Peninsula while the Half Marathon follows the same route, breaking off for a gorgeous out and back section at approximately 7K. Organisers say: "Although out and back, the route offers different views each way to keep you interested. You can run/walk with one dog, two dogs or no dogs. It's all about having fun in a stunning location."

There is also the Traildog Family Wolfpack Run which aims to get the whole family (whether they have two legs or four) out running in the great outdoors. You can run, walk, toddle or crawl your way along! The event is suitable for all ages, under adult supervision and each child will receive a wooden finisher's medal, wolf ears to wear on the run and tasty treats for both themselves and their four legged sibling!

The goodies aren't just for the kids, all participants will recieve event photos, a hand painted wooden medal, Carnilove dog treats, a carton of Furr Boos and more besides.

If you'd like to know more, visit the Traildog website.

Image: Traildog Facebook

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