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Tartan Running Shorts Podcasts For Long Distance Inspiration

Two of North-East Scotland’s best-known runners have teamed up to produce a podcast covering nothing less than 'everything running in Scotland’.

Tartan Running Shorts is the brainchild of GB Trail Running International Kyle Greig and his friend and clubmate, Tom Brian.

In the first episode, Tom, who is also Metro Aberdeen Running Club men’s captain, said: “We felt there was a real need for a Scottish running-based podcast. And since at least one of us knows what we’re talking about, why not us?

“And when I say one of us, I mean Kyle.”

Tartan Running Shorts is broadly geared towards club runners and distance running, but everyone who has an interest in improving will benefit from tuning in.

Kyle told RunABC Scotland Online: “We want these podcasts to be both informative and useful – especially while you’re out running!”

In the seven episodes of Tartan Running Shorts that have appeared since its launch in early May, the pair have covered a lot of ground – perhaps unsurprisingly for Kyle, who recently made the transition from running mere road races to off-road ultras.

Each episode of Tartan Running Shorts includes an informal review of recent performances by Scottish runners, wherever they might be in action across the UK, as well as a summary of recent Scottish events.

Kyle and Tom also interview key players in the running world, 'from Olympians to local race directors'.

The pair also look to both the past and the future of Scottish running for insight and inspiration. Fraser Clyne, one of Scotland’s greatest-ever marathon runners, has shared his years of experience in a recent episode, as has current Scotland international Kenny Wilson.

Top physiotherapist James Cruikshank and Kyle’s own coach Lewis Walker have also weighed in on specialist areas like injury prevention and marathon training.

With an engaging mix of humour and humility, the pair also use their podcasts as a way of reflecting on their own training and running performances. The current episode sees Kyle making his contributions from Germany, as he gets ready to run the Mozart 100, while Tom prepares for a Coast2Coast relay across Scotland.

Seven episodes in, Kyle and Tom are just settling into their stride. Kyle told us: “We’ve recently invested in better quality audio and hope to make the podcasts a little slicker going forward.”

The pair are also hatching plans for a Tartan Running Shorts Beer Mile Championships … but we’ll all need to tune in to learn more.

Tartan Running Shorts is available on iTunes and Soundcloud.

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