Taming The Mojo

Regular contributor Chris Broadbent is like many of us - he has a mojo that has a mind of its own. What's the answer...

I am deep enough into running now to know that it will always play a part in my life. After 16 years, it is now pretty much hard wired into my being. A week without a run is like a week without a cup of tea…I’m sure they have happened, but I can’t remember when it last happened.

And yet, I admit that my enthusiasm ebbs and flows. Sometimes, the bit is well and truly between my teeth and running is front, centre and back of my thinking. The next training session, the recovery, the nutrition, the upcoming race…most things revolve around it.

At other times, it is something I manage to fit in around work and family with little more than a weekend jog in a spare hour. I caught up with an old running friend at a parkrun last week and we discussed where we were currently at with our running and we both settled on ‘running mojo’ to express our current status.

He had lost his. Yet he had recently still managed to complete a marathon! It suggested to me that his waveband of running interest operates at a higher frequency than mine. Having raised the subject, it made me realise that my mojo is easing its way back.

I also had a moment of clarity in my need to tame the mojo. I realised when it is truly in prime position is when I am most vulnerable to injury. It’s almost inevitable that I will up the training intensity too much too soon and suffer for it.

Worse, I then lose my mojo and my enthusiasm results in some token jogging. Without planning to do so, I have begun to spread my weekly exercise across a range of activities, including 5 a side football, swimming, body pump classes, running and a weekly parkrun.

Without any real intensity my parkrun times have started to gradually, but noticeably improve week on week. And with it, my mojo is returning. I just have to learn how to tame the mojo now.

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