Stride for Sheffield virtual event for two local charities

Get into your Stride for Sheffield charities

Altruism in action as people of Sheffield clock up the miles for two local charities in need.

Since the first step at 9am on 2 May, thousands of miles have been logged by runners, walkers, cyclists in Stride for Sheffield. They are united in their efforts for two local charities that are helping the most vulnerable during the coronavirus crisis.

Steel City Striders have thrown their weight behind this virtual event that started on 2 May and is ongoing in both the miles logged and the assistance given to Sheffield’s foodbanks and Cathedral Archer Project who support the homeless. Both of these charities have experienced a drop off in donations at a time when the need is greater than ever as a result of coronavirus.

This continual challenge requires people to run, walk or cycle as far as possible in one hour during the week and they can ask their families and/or friends to join in. They log their effort then complete the Stride for Sheffield form and are able to upload a photo if they wish and make a donation. Steel City Striders publish the results on their website and Facebook page so that everyone can see how far they have travelled. The aim is to continue until it has - virtually - been around the world.

Andrew Woffindin of Steel City Striders is keen for this to succeed on behalf of Sheffield saying: “It means so much to me that we as a club and other clubs can come together to help those in need in unprecedented times.”

For more information and to enter, visit the Steel City Striders website.

To date, people have run, walked or cycled over 10,000 miles and donated more than £5000 to these two charities.

Image courtesy: Andrew Woffindin

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