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This 10K’s a Piece Of Cake

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Another race that is delighted to be back after a two year break is Manchester’s It’s A Piece Of Cake which is scheduled to take place at the end of the month (30 April). 

Taking place in one of Manchester’s prettiest parks, Boggart Hole Clough (it looks prettier than it sounds!) this scenic race has a short-lived sting in its tail… Angel Hill! Organisers say: “It’s steep, but thankfully short, and it's that hill that brings so many people back to our race year on year.”

But then again maybe it’s not just the hill, a race spokesperson also said: “We have what we think are the best and most enthusiastic volunteers to loudly cheer you around the course.” So you will be 

And did we mention the cake yet? Because surely that has to be the main attraction? A charity bake sale follows the event where there will be delicious home-baked goodies to tuck into as a just reward for your efforts.

Participants or clubs are encouraged to bake a cake for sale afterwards to raise money for charity (although it should be stressed that there is no obligation to bake or indeed buy a cake). 

If you would like to know more about the event (entries close 24 April) visit the It's A Piece of Cake Facebook page

Image: It's A Piece Of Cake Facebook

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