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Curfew Run

Still Time Before Curfew Bell Tolls

Held for over 20 years, the Curfew Run has a strong claim to be one of the most unique events on the running calendar. Entries for the race, scheduled for Wednesday 4 July, remain open, with participants able to enter either the Curfew Fun Run or Curfew Run.

The aim of the Curfew Run - then and as it is today - is to run the full circle of the Elizabethan Walls of Berwick-upon-Tweed before the Curfew Bell ceases to toll - the Walls measure 1.2681 miles and the bell tolls for 13 minutes. Four years ago, Tweed Striders took over the event and since then it has gone from strength to strength.

In the same year, the race was run under RunBritain permit for the very first time and saw a record turnout, one which exceeded the permit limit (of 150) so a second race was held at 8.30 pm to accommodate the 'extra'.

Race director Caroline McDermott told runABC North a little more about the event and the decision to add the fun run: “The reason behind hosting two races was three-fold: firstly to enable youngsters and fun runners the opportunity to enjoy the event in a more relaxed atmosphere whereby they do not have to worry about the more competitive runners.

“Secondly, to enable the more competitive runners to 'race' without worrying about the youngsters and fun runners; and thirdly to accommodate the ever-increasing interest and numbers. Runners, as well as being local, come from as far afield as Newcastle, Edinburgh and even Lanark in the west of Scotland to take part in what is fast becoming an iconic race.”

You can still enter the Curfew Run here.

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