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Grim Goes Green

Enjoy a run, and do your bit for the planet at the same time…

Being a born multi-tasker, your correspondent was intrigued to stumble upon a multi-terrain, multi-distance event that not only offers runners the chance to run and be at one with nature, but also encourages you to pick up some litter while you’re at it! Sounds right up my street. It is always so satisfying to kill two birds with one stone - so to speak!

Grim Goes Green, is scheduled for 27 June and is a fantastic opportunity to combine a love of running with a passion to care for the planet and look after our beautiful countryside. Participants can look forward to enjoying a stress-free run as the out-and-back course will require no navigation allowing you to focus on time for yourself, your running and your thoughts.

What about the litter picking you ask? Organisers have this to say: “Anyone who would like to pick up any odd bits of litter as they meander around the route will also be rewarded with a little bonus in their goodie bag.”

This environmentally friendly event will be plastic free (as always) and goodie bags and cakes will be vegan (but still delicious apparently!). Organisers are also proud to announce that medals will be wooden and sourced locally.

The out and back course in Spen Valley offers a 6.55 mile route of good tow path. As with a lot of Grim Up North’s events there are a number of distances on offer with ultra marathon, marathon, 20 miler, half marathon, 10k & 5K all options.

Grim Up North Running is known for its low key approach, saying: “All runners will be greeted with a warm smile and friendly chat. Our aim is to get you out running, help you to enjoy both the beautiful countryside, great camaraderie and sense of well-being that you will get when you cross that finish line.

“So if you like beautiful races in beautiful places , like fun, like medals and like cake then come along and see us, we promise to show you the north is anything but grim.”

If you would like to know more visit the event website.


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